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Meet Your Water Treatment Specialist

Degree In Water Supply Technology

C-36 Plumbing 
Contractor #1067180

C-55 Water Conditioning

Grade IV Water Distribution Operator

Grade III Water Treatment Operator

Grade II Wastewater Treatment Operator #40932



A True Professional Moment of Honesty



It is an amazing unit of measurement. Everything! Cost time.

Everything in this online free consultation information section is 100% free.

 All that is required is to continue to read this page in its entirety to the end.

This page will provide the homeowner with an outline of all you will need to determine what type of Installer is best for you and your family, and their specialties. For a Free comparison chart of Waterboy's Water Treatment Specialist compared to a Plumber or Handy-man Pros vs Cons. Click the red PDF below. 

Often, I have Homeowners who are professionals themselves. That consists of everyday people, School Teachers, College Professors, Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists, and a variety of Engineers from Computer Tech to Civil. Want me to come out to their 1, 2, and 3-million-dollar homes and work for Free!  Yes, I said for Free (Provide Free Estimates) Professional Estimates are not free.  They cost the company resources in the form of time!  Employee wages are paid & calculated using time!

So, this page is designed, and dedicated to you to all the hard-working Homeowners who are also professionals.

This Free Online Consultation page is made particularly for you.

The Brutal Truth! Nothing for a Business is free, everything costs time!  SaveTime!

Book your Water Treatment Specialist today!

Unfront Fate Rate Pricing let the professional take care of you and avoid the common homeowner's pitfalls.

Let's Begin


  1. The benefits of hiring WATERBOY'S C55 Water Treatment Specialist over the average Handyman, Plumber, or C55 Water Conditioning Contractor.  

Click PDF to View the Comparison Table to compare the benefits you decide. 

 Click to Book your Water Treatment Specialist Today or  Call 805-350-8338

   2. The downfalls of hiring Handyman Pros Vs Cons you decided, but whatever you decide it is important to remember!  You get what you pay for.

We all love to save money when we can!

So you decide to hire Handy-man, thinking you saving your family moneyThat Shower Valve Replacement that the Plumber quoted for $2,200 or the WaterSoftner installation of $1,400 that the Water Treatment Specialists quoted. You decided, to get all the information from the professional's free quotes and then have the handyman do the work for $500.00.  

Pure Genius

One might think Right!

Congratulation if you are this person you're well on your way to saving money.

But, first, you should know the Pros & Cons of doing so.

A  few weeks later, that shower valve replacement or water softener pipe installation the Handyman installed, begins leaking. The Handyman did not use the same professional technique when soldering the copper together. The handyman cooled the copper down too quickly, to prove to the homeowner he was quick and efficient, not knowing he caused a hairline fracture in the soldering weld.

  1. 1 st You notice water leaking from the wall. 

  2. 2nd You call the Handyman to repair, but they want to charge you more money for the repair. You are not satisfied with the handyman wanting more money. So you call the Professional to get a free estimate of the damages, there's mold, rust, and additional foundation damage. The Professional estimates $27,000 in restoration damages, So you get a second quote of $34,000. So you call the original Handyman back, and they're nowhere to be found!

  3.  What do you do?

  4. Now you the homeowner is stuck paying the additional repair bill. You pay for the additional repair and decide to go after the handyman in court.

  5. The Homeowner takes the Handyman to court and Loses!      

                                                                                 One might ask why? Well, I will tell you. It is Simple!                                                                                                                             

                          Here is a little info for you homeowners to mull over when hiring a handyman to do a licensed tradesman's job.                     

               If, the job you have hired a handyman goes wrong and you find yourself looking at suing the handyman. The judge will toss your suit out the door because you hired a person without a license. The legal term is "unclean hands" You can not bring suit against another person if you knowingly hired an unlicensed person. Your hands are dirty. [you were wrong] neither will the insurance company pay out for the damage. If they know the work was not done by a licensed professional.

There is a better way 


WaterBoy Municipal Solutions Corp. (WBMSC) The Better Solution

Up-Front Pricing

Fully Insured


Truly Trained Professionals

My first recommendation!


House + Water+ Piping= C36 Plumber

House + Water+Piping+ RO system, Water Softer, Conditioning & repairs= C55 Water Conditioning Contractor 

A true professional, a Water Treatment Specialist is fully insured, bonded, and trained in all aspects of Water.  Which includes Water Distribution piping to your home, Water Treatment, and Wastewater Treatment & from your local utility. Has higher educated which is intrinsically connected to superior craftsmanship.

Simply, put the Plumber specializes in piping installation only, whereas the C55 specializes in Water Conditioning systems and repairs only such as Reverse Osmosis (RO), Water Softeners, Conditioners, and Membrane Bioreactors (MBR).

Consider this a C55 Water Conditioning Contractor who is a Water Treatment Specialist who is providing all this information to you for free. You're not getting this type of information from the Plumber or Handyman. Yet and still you may decide to use one.

  1. What to expect, if you want a more exclusive personable consultation service that requires a Water Treatment Specialist to come out to your home it will cost you. Phone consultation with a Certified Water Treatment Specialist to discuss your specific Water Softener/ Conditioners, Reverse Osmosis (RO), or  Tankless Water Heater error codes/ repair needs a $29.97 fee for 5 minutes. No question will be answered over the phone unless you pay the phone consultation fee, for the do-it-your-selfers

  2. Water Softener/Conditioner, Under Sink Reverse Osmosis (RO), or Tankless Recommendations or Repairs require a  $325 Booking Diagnostic Inspection Fee, this is because all home pipes must be sized, for New Installation recommendations & repairs. For repairs, the C55 Water Conditioning Specialist must physically inspect each unit whether it is a Water Softener/ Conditioner, RO unit, or Tankless Water Heater because each error code has multiple problems & multiple solutions to repair your units. Also, each home has a different size of piping depending on the house size, to accommodate each home's water needs. The minimum pipe size is 3/4 by plumbing code, but often the large the home, the large the piping 1", 1"1/4, 1" 1/2 up to 2" to meet the minimum water demand.


Special Note: Every home has different water quality. This is found for free from your local water provider on your Consumer Confident Report. Given once a year free from your water provider. State Law requires that by July 1, 2022, the prior year's Consumer Confident Report for 2021 be made available to the Public from your local water provider.


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