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1-2 Bathroom Water Softener , Free Installation with purchase of unit, Restriction apply: Must pay for Diagnostic $289 to qualify for this option discounted option. Decription Under Construction

1-2 Bathrooms Water Softener Filtration System Package

$1,644.00 Regular Price
$1,593.04Sale Price
Color: Black

    1. The carbon filtration tank uses activated coconut-shell carbon media to reduce unpleasant tastes and odors from chlorine or other organic substances – no cartridge change-outs required.
    2. The system’s periodic backwashing cycle flushes the water, thendischarges it through the drain line. Backwashing maintainsthe filter’s performance and lengthens the media’s life.
    3. Tailored backwash cycles provide the option to set cycles toa specified number of days or allow the electronic head torecognize when a certain amount of water has been used.
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